Kendra Shaw
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She's way to young to be getting plastic surgery. She'll probably get even more after she has the baby.
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I really don't think she's had any issues honestly think it's just make up especially with the nose. Some pics it's wide when she has a lot of makeup on its not. Look at her pagent pics and look at her pregnancy pics. I think she just has mastered the contour
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She definitely went from Kentuck grilled chicken to Kentuck fried chicken... her face was fat before she got pregnant (due to the surgery she had) I honestly think there was nothing wrong with her face but she doesn't look like the super white kentucky derby baby she was... very Kartrash now Smile
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Kentucky* Kentucky*
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[Image: tumblr_ofmsg63Pev1va5n9uo1_1280.jpg]The boobs look like they've had a little work done
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(10-25-2016, 08:24 AM)Guest Wrote: She's way to young to be getting plastic surgery. She'll probably get even more after she has the baby.

Agreed. Your face changes constantly, so getting it young is normally a bad idea because you HAVE to get some things redone. I don't know exactly what she did, but considering your body/face changes when your pregnant, it doesn't seem very smart to me. 

Also, if she did get her boobs done it's kinda redundant. You're boobs get bigger anyway because of the breast milk. It makes more sense to do it after you're done breast feeding. Not sure when she got anything done though, so maybe it was before she got pregant? I hope at least
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i think that is the case here. if you look at her photos its not surgery just makeup and angles bc some her nose looks really wide some they dont . look at her pageant pics and then when she isnt wearing a lot of makeup. the pics given are polar opposite occasions. i think as for her boobs she just dresses different i mean she may have bt shes only what 22 her body has just changed and so has makeup techniques and fashion. its like when kylie jenner has makeup on and she doesnt 2 totally different people
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2013 just depended on her facial expression
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[Image: tumblr_ofu2mkbT2M1va5n9uo1_1280.jpg]
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lol they're all funny looking.
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Typical dark skin black men
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