Mckenzie Caldwell-Pope

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Another one on the way january
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I knew she would be pregnant again because she kept talking bout it. I hope it’s a girl.
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Her fake humble ass. She’s so stuck up.
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Why doesnt she want him talking or taking care of his family? I bet she doesnt mind him spending money on hers.
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He doesn’t talk to his family? They were in GA half of off season.
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Another boy
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Both her and kentavious don’t know how to dress even with that stylist they share. Sad to hear she gets cheated on lol
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Everybody thinks her stylist is terrible. And the sad part is a lot more wags are using him and they look just as bad in basic outfits.
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Who’s surprised she gets cheated on? As long as she has her designer labels she’ll be fine.
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If he’s cheating on her then his bff Bradley Beal is cheating on kamiah as well
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Too bad both her and her BFF look like trannies
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