Deshonia Williams
[Image: A185-FD48-57-B9-451-A-850-A-515-AEF2-F782-A.jpg]
[Image: DE2-E0-C39-F115-487-B-AC44-64-A54498-DB85.jpg]
[Image: E76-FDA8-F-B14-D-4235-97-E3-E18730-F02100.jpg]
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Can’t stand pick me ass black women. If it was the other way around Becky would not be defending her character.
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I don’t play that call me mommy shit. My kid is mine and your kid is yours.
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Her husband just tried to defend her and the shit made no sense. She should’ve just ate her food and stayed quiet. These pick me black women will learn the hard way.
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