Ben Simmons
(09-09-2016, 09:04 PM)Guest Wrote: There's got to me more to the story

Sound like there's a lot of shit going on
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I hope she gets a chance to meet Brittany.
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Did anyone find out
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Find out what?
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About Brittany and his sister. Her Brittany dropped out of college for freshman year
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* I heard
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Nothing happened other than that little twitter mess. Brittany was in Philly for the night and left the next day, then liv came.

Brittany did drop out of college.
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Why did she drop out? And what did she even do after that?
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I think she had a soccer scholarship then she dropped out to do workout videos on Instagram and to get wife up by athlete . They say her ass is Fat Transfer.
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Shes always posting about how her ass isnt fake, but i think she photoshops it.
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I would never guess she Photoshop it but now I think about it , it do look like she do. I think she did get fat put in it. Her and her friends used to share a two-bedroom apartment they had air bed mattress and everything. They used to wear each other clothes
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She still have to pay for her student loans
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